Tax disputes

If you have received follow-up questions from the Dutch Tax Administration, we can help you handle them. In case of a potential dispute, we can determine the approach and strategy with you, making your rights clear from the outset.

Tax administrations worldwide are taking a stricter view on tax planning, partly due to the digital comparison of information and the transparency that this creates. In case of a material or formal tax dispute, we always take your wishes into consideration. Often this does not result in litigation and a case becomes suitable for mediation. We offer a technically strong, creative and motivated team of tax advisors to defend your tax position. Successful dispute resolution requires more than the mere material knowledge of the dispute. Applying knowledge strategically is often a decisive factor in finding a solution.

Our team has a solid technical basis in every aspect of tax law and combines this with smart, purposeful thinking, and perseverance. That’s why we are known to the tax authorities as ‘determined, but always fair’. You can contact us for:

  • Objections and appeals
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Voluntary disclosure procedures
  • Information requests
  • Fines (tax fines)
  • Criminal tax law
  • Assistance with tax recovery procedures
  • International information exchange
  • Tax mediation
  • Assistance with tax fraud investigations

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