Transfer pricing & business restructuring

Due to the recent developments in (worldwide) taxation, it has become vital for your transfer pricing structure to be flawless and sufficiently supported with properly constructed transfer pricing documentation. We will help you to develop a robust transfer pricing structure that will be correct in tax terms and will impact your business model as little as possible.

We have rich experience in setting up and designing robust transfer pricing structures that are closely aligned with the international nature of our clients’ organizations. We are also well aware of the implications of any structural changes for your corporate tax and VAT position. This holistic approach makes us a full-service provider with an access to various international networks, and global coverage.

Nowadays, an efficient and effective tax planning simply cannot prevail without a strong underlying transfer pricing foundation. Our team will conduct a thorough study of your business model and strategy in order to grasp the full picture of your needs and, more importantly, all possibilities available. This process is a foundation for arriving at an appropriate, tax-efficient and sustainable transfer pricing model which will be well suited for your business.

We are happy to guide you through the process of implementation of your transfer pricing model to ensure that your structure is robust and remains sustainable for years. We have rich experience in areas such as:

  • Advice and guidance on transfer pricing models that may be applicable to your business organization;
  • Supply chain optimization;
  • International corporate restructurings;
  • Benchmarking studies;
  • Preparation of different types of transfer pricing reports based on the OECD standards (including, a two-tiered Master-File / Local-File documentation structure);
  • Preparation of Country-by-Country reports/notifications;
  • Co-ordination of transfer pricing documentation projects with our partners in other countries.

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