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Of Counsel

As a tax lawyer at STP, Martin focuses on formal tax law, penalty law, criminal tax law, recovery law and tax procedures.

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I love my job because
For a lawyer dealing with tax law, no day is the same. All aspects of life are reflected in tax law. It touches people in countless ways, sometimes favourably but often also unexpectedly or unreasonably. Often you can prevent things from getting out of hand, but sometimes a discussion gets its own dynamics and clients are confronted with viewpoints that are unjust. I often try to look for the nuance in disputes and conduct a business discussion.

For me, good tax advice is
If it is easy to explain and can count on support. If you can be sincere about it, then you can also defend it with confidence.

Why STP?
The atmosphere is relaxed, but the willingness to go to extremes is inspiring. I love the liberality, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship of my profession, and at STP I have the space to shape that.

Advice to newcomers to the profession
Do not specialise too quickly; generalists are underrated. Nevertheless, it is useful to choose a focus. So, try to find an area of expertise that suits you, in which you want to be a leader in the long term. But you have to take your time and continue to develop yourself across the board.

Martin Muller

Job: Of Counsel
Education: Tax Law, Tilburg University
Previously worked at: PwC and the legal profession
Working at STP since: October 2020
Other professional activities: An independent lawyer, member of the Dutch Association of Tax Lawyers (Nederlandse Vereniging van advocaten-belastingkundigen).
Publications: Large number of articles on formal tax law

Contact details
STP: + 31 (0) 88 5060 600
Mobile: + 31 (0) 6 23409683

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Nothing is black and white; there is always room for nuance

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