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Specialist at corporate tax and international tax law, head of STP’s technical bureau, lecturer and researcher at the Fiscal Institute of Tilburg University

Arthur Hofman studied fiscal economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is a tax advisor at STP. He is also a lecturer and researcher at the Fiscal Institute of Tilburg University. He is the author of the Tax Law module of the Corporate Tax course, regularly lectures on Dutch corporate tax, and also publishes on this subject in learned journals. In November 2011, he obtained his PhD at Tilburg University with a thesis entitled ‘The participation credit system’.

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I love my job because
In tax law, you get to solve some splendid puzzles. How should you apply the tax rules to your client’s specific situation? How should you deal with a provision that is not entirely clear? And what is the impact of ongoing changes in legislation, jurisprudence and policy? It’s a great challenge to deal with these issues for our clients. Tax is a field where you have to follow developments very closely, which ensures that it’s never boring.

For me, good tax advice is
Good advice must be thorough and clear. Thorough means that the client gets a complete picture of the impact of relevant laws and regulations on his situation. Clear means not woolly, no circumlocution, and no unnecessary jargon.

Why STP?
STP is a small, flexible organization with a strong sense of belonging. It’s a smart, agile firm where the human scale and high quality go hand in hand. I get most enjoyment from the technical aspects. At STP, I have plenty of opportunities for this with a technical role towards clients, organizing our regular Tax Advisors Meeting, and my role at the University.

Advice to newcomers to the profession
Soak up as much as you can at the start of your career. Gain as much broad knowledge and experience as you can. You will benefit from that later.

Arthur Hofman

Job: Senior Tax Manager
Education: Fiscal Economics Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Previously worked at: PWC
Working at STP since: March 2014
Other professional activities: Regularly organizing the STP Tax Advisors Meeting, associated with the Fiscal Institute of Tilburg University, publications and courses
Publications: Thesis on participation credit system, tax monograph on the fiscal entity in corporate tax, a large number of articles

Contact details
Direct: + 31 (0) 88 5060 604
Mobile: + 31 (0) 6 54280162

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