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STP Tax is new sponsor of WV-HEDW JO13-3

STP Tax is happy and proud to announce its sponsorship of the WV-HEDW JO13-3 soccer team! As a company that holds the importance of sports and community close to its heart, this sponsorship perfectly aligns with our core values.

We believe in the power of sports to instill discipline, teamwork, and determination in young individuals, and we hope that by supporting JO13-3, we are investing in their future, nurturing these young talents, and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s a win-win situation where the community thrives, and so do we.

At STP Tax, we understand the power of collaboration, on and off the field. Join us in celebrating our sponsorship of WV-HEDW JO13-3 and discover how our commitment and values might benefit your business. Together, we can achieve more.

Go for it, WV-HEDW JO13-3!
We got your back.

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