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Tax Controversy

Tax disputes are on the rise and tax authorities become more critical of tax driven structures. An increasing number of taxpayers are scrutinized for tax optimizations which is often equated with illegal acts such as tax evasion or fraud. In case of a potential tax dispute we will choose the strategy together with you, and serve your interest.

Tax administrations worldwide are taking a stricter view on tax planning. This trend is also prevalent in the Netherlands since the Dutch tax authorities have become stricter when dealing with taxpayers what manifests through a more skeptical attitude towards interpretation of data and/or facts presented for a review. At the same time, authorities benefit from widespread access to digital “big” data to scrutinize tax positions what presents a challenge, especially in the sector of dispute resolution.

In case of an arising tax dispute affecting your situation, our team will prioritize your best interests. Our specialists accommodate legal skills, creativity and motivation to defend your position. Apart from that, we take pride in combining legal excellence with strategic intuition to benefit your case.

Our priority is with your interests. We can offer a team that is legally skilled, creative and motivated and consists of tax laywers and tax attorneys that will defend your position. Our starting point is that the success of dispute resolution depends on more than just legal knowledge. Applying that knowledge strategically is essential.

For most taxpayers, legal proceedings are not the solution of choice. Thus, we always keep in mind that reaching a settlement is often preferable. In many cases we have succeeded in preventing legal proceedings and have settled disputes pending an objection or even before that. Our team has a firm legal basis in all aspects of tax law and is used to act clever and determined, and with perseverance.

You can contact us for:

  • Objections and appeals
  • Litigation analysis and second opinions
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Voluntary disclosure procedures
  • Information requests
  • Fines (tax fines)
  • Criminal tax law
  • Assistance with tax fraud investigations
  • Tax collecting procedures
  • International information exchange
  • Tax mediation
  • Matters of procedural tax law

Our Specialists

Pieter Drubbel

Pieter Drubbel


Lodewijk Schulte

Martin Muller

Martin Muller

Of Counsel Legal
Emily Ding

Emily Tu-Ding

Assistant Tax Manager
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