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Wage Tax

Obligations regarding income tax, social security and payroll tax are becoming more complex and result in challenging issues for national and international employers. STP’s experts provide insight into the situation of your organization, the impact of the applicable local and European regulations and offer pragmatic solutions for national and international employees and employers with regard to these tax challenges. Our team understands the challenges and is happy to convert them into attractive opportunities.

STP can assist your company and employees with regard to issues related to payroll taxes (wage tax, national insurance contributions, employee insurance contributions and the income-related contribution to the health insurance law) and global mobility.

The specialist team can help you with regard to social insurance and wage tax, the implementation of optimal remuneration structures, employee participations and salary splits, the work-related costs scheme (WKR), the assessment of employment relationships, hirer’s liability and chain liability, the application for a 30% facility and the assessment of international conventions and EU directives.

The STP team, together with the international network, has a solid track record in every area of ​​(international) payroll tax, including specific issues such as:

  • Hiring the self-employed (Wet DBA)
  • Hirer’s and chain liability
  • Work-related costs scheme (WKR)
  • Employee and management participations
  • Lucrative importance of regulation and optimization
  • Expats and employees abroad
  • 30% ruling
  • Salary split
  • Paychecks / due diligence
  • Usual wages DGAs / management BVs
  • Excessive severance pay
  • Early Retirement Scheme

Our Specialists

Eddy Sajet


Lodewijk Schulte

Roos Kortekaas

Roos Kortekaas

Senior Tax Manager

Isa Branco

Assistant Tax Manager
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